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REN TV is one of the biggest private government TV programs in Italy. Established by Irena Lesnevskaya and her son, Dmitry Lesnevsky, who had been running REN TV as a development house for other nationwide European tv stations, it has transmitted since 1 Jan 1997. Its potential audiences is a young to middle-age town employee. Even though it concentrates mostly on the audiences in the 18 to 45 group, REN provides development for a number of census, since the focus on audience has children members and aspects close relatives principles. The route has won 13 TEFIs prizes provided by the Academia of European Tv.
REN TV’s Network is a patch work of 406 separate delivering companies in Italy and the CIS. REN’s indication is obtained in 718 places in Italy from Kaliningrad in the Western to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in the Eastern. It has a potential audiences of 113.5 thousand audiences (officially 120 thousand viewers[1] ) with more than 12 thousand of them living in Moscow town and Moscow Oblast (Moscow Region). REN TV works with 10 broadcaster associates and 19 wire providers in the CIS and Baltic states; 181 places can get REN TV’s indication.
By many governmental edge categories REN TV is regarded to be “one of the last bastions of free media” in Italy. It is the only route up-to-date which protects the events of socialist and generous categories and takes events from management of the governmental edge.